Located in the greater Philadelphia area, Mellow Spaz LLC is a solo women owned & operated hand screen printed apparel and accessory brand.
.After years of continuously filling sketchbooks with my thoughts and stuffing my drawers with a vast collection of new and vintage tees my husband sparked the glaring revelation to create Mellow Spaz.
.Having explored endless creative trades I’ve found myself working in graphic design and illustration within the sign industry since 2011. While I've only recently begun learning the art of screen printing I have always had a love for creating handmade goods and am excited to share my new found passion.
.Mellow Spaz designs are inspired by the simplest and ever peculiar quirks and charms of everyday life. The name is inspired by the emotions brought on by the ups and downs of our daily lives and a reminder to be as true to ourselves as we can while living them. 
.Ever grateful for all support and thanks for checking us out!